H.P.E. - Harvest Price Exclusion
H.I.P. - Hurricane Insurance Protection
H.R.O. - Harvest Revenue Option
H.P.O. - Harvest Price Option
The map shows RMA insurance program date choices for sales closing, planting, reporting, and filing dates, per commodity, insurance plan, type, and practice.

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Data represented in this map viewer are updated periodically as RMA issues actuarial data.

Actuarial data are issued prior to the contract change date for the given county / commodity program.

In some cases, multiple contract change dates exist for a single commodity across the United States, and even multiple dates per county, which are based on subcounty variation, that can be seen at the county level.
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The county commodity information presented as part of the RMA MapViewer:
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Dates Program
Commodity Year State County Commodity Insurance Plan Type Practice SubCounty Code Map Filename Date FIPS